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Paris Wedding Photography | Bir-Hakeim

Paris wedding photographer | Jay Pillay Photography

Location | Pont de Bir-Hakeim, Paris

If you ever get a chance to visit Paris, the Bir-Hakeim bridge is a must see. It crosses the Siene River and the architecture and design is something to behold...not to mention having breathtaking views of the Eiffel Tower and other city highlights. If you've watched Inception, you'll remember it from where Ariadne learns how to build dreams! This is part 1 of my images taken at Bir-Hakeim.

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Durban wedding photographers | Avish & Alicia

Creative Durban wedding photographer

Bridal Couple | Avish + Alicia

Venue | Greensleeves Camelot

Durban wedding photographer | Jay Pillay Photography

Durban wedding videographers | Jay Pillay Films

Avish and Alicia's wedding day struck the perfect balance between opulence and spontaneity. The spectacle that was their wedding day was backed by an amazing recipe; Greensleeves Camelot created the base for an unforgettable setting, the couple were naturally the main ingredients, and there were an abundance of cherries to add on top. 

I had so much fun during bridal and groom prep. Rarely have I seen such eccentricity in the interactions between the groom and his groomsmen and bride and her bridesmaids. I could tell that Avish and Alicia could not wait to get married, the excitement they both felt was almost palpable. The ceremony itself was intimate, emotional and beautiful, encapsulated best with the euphoria of the couples first kiss.

Our creative shoot was done on the golf course at Camelot. The occasional shower did not dampen the mood of this couple and we managed to get some stunning imagery. The day ended in style with a reception at the Camelot ball room and I was thrilled to capture the amazing moments that transpired. Avish's speech almost brought everyone to tears as he spoke about the love between them. All in all an absolute pleasure being the Durban wedding photographer for their special day. 

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Durban wedding photographers | Rhugbeer

Timeless Durban wedding photographer

Jivesh and Aditha

Durban wedding photographerJay Pillay Photography

Jivesh and Aditha are a power couple of note, both having reached the pinnacle of business, entrepreneurship and leadership. They are also dedicated exponents of Hindu culture development in South Africa and abroad. Add to this being trained dancers, models and having a private pilot licence means they regularly have something to write home about. Despite their achievements though, you would never know it during an interaction; their humility speaks volumes about the type of people they are. Jivesh and Aditha secured my services on our first call with each other so the pressure was on to deliver based on the trust they placed in me.

The first time we met was for their engagement photo-shoot at uShaka Marine world. From the first few snaps, I could see they were naturals and knew the session would be seamless. It was more flow posing from my side and we had the beautiful sunset at Ushaka to add to the richness of their photographs.

Next on my photographic journey with them was their Sangeet pre-wedding function. I have to say this was a thrilling experience. They both entered to Bollywood music and put on a jaw-dropping choreographed performance fit for the IIFA Awards.

Their wedding was held at Tongaat and was a vibrant affair. Aditha was staying in the beautiful Zinkwazi Lagoon Lodge and I managed to sneak in some quick portraits of her in the morning before we proceeded to the wedding venue. Aditha was carried to the stage in an eloquently decorated dholi and the wedding rituals commenced. Beforehand, we knew that there would not be enough time for a couple’s creative shoot so we agreed to have this within the next month. Given a picturesque location at sunset with Jivesh and Aditha as the bridal couple, I’m sure the imagery will be nothing short of epic…Watch this space.

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