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Indian Durban wedding photographers | Tarunesh & Leila

Stylish Durban wedding photographer

Tarunesh + Leila

Creative Shoot: Vulintaba Hotel, Small Drakensberg

Reception: Blackrock Casino, Newcastle

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Taru and Leila were such a chilled, spontaneous couple. From the get-go though, they had a clear vision of how their day looked, and knew what they expected from their Durban wedding photographer. Every interaction I had with them was both fun and productive. I had the pleasure of covering both their pre-wedding function and the wedding itself which was held at the Blackrock Casino. 

The wedding was a true spectacle of tradition, colour and vibrancy. The traditional Hindu wedding took place at Paradise Temple. This made for a serene and peaceful setting for the rendition of their Hindu rituals and marriage rights. The creative shoot took place at the exquisite Vulintaba Country Estate in lower Drakensberg. The backdrop of the misty mountains made for some stunning creative shots.

The reception at the Blackrock Casino was classy and opulent. From the décor to the  menu, it was clear that Taru and Leila had paid immaculate attention to detail. The speeches and fun activities that were planned all reflected the charisma of the couple and there was raucous laughter for much of the function. It was such a pleasure photographing this wedding; witnessing and capturing such memories being created. This is definitely one of the joys of being a Durban wedding photographer.

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