Durban wedding photography | Venolin and Chantal

Venue | Umhlanga Hindu Society Hall

Durban wedding photographer | Jay Pillay Photography

Make-up, Hair and Styling | Bridal Moments with Theshen

Decor | Koogan Pillay

DJ and Lighting | Sound & Light Innovations

Catering | Indian Delights

When Chantal first phoned me I could tell she had a clear vision for her big day. She and Venolin booked me before they could even see the wedding they trusted the service they would get. As listed above, they sourced some of the premium service providers for their wedding, so attention to detail was a must. 

Their wedding ceremony at the Umhlanga Hindu Society Hall was a tranquil affair. Hindu weddings in South Africa invariably take place on either a Saturday or Sunday, however, having a Friday wedding holds particular significance in Hindu culture. Gurukkal Swaminathan chanted the holy rituals with an intensity and passion fit for a wedding on the banks of the river Ganges.

Durban, being on the East Coast, has very short Winter days, with the sun setting as early as 5pm. This meant that we did not get a chance to take some sunset portraits for the creative shoot. That being said, night photography presents its own set of opportunities, and we seized it.

All in all a spiritual and joyous day for all involved and an absolute pleasure to be apart of.

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