Durban Wedding Photographers | How to choose

Jay Pillay Photography ensures Durban brides receive the very highest quality wedding photography. 

Are you getting married in Durban? Who will be your Durban wedding photographer?

I have compiled a list you should take into consideration when choosing your wedding photographer.

1. Personality

Your Durban wedding photographer is not simply another service provider for your wedding day. You will be hiring a wedding photographer who will be with you and your family throughout the entire wedding day, from the time you get ready, to the time you’re partying on the dance floor. Personality is thus a crucial aspect in the selection process. Your photographer’s personality can set the tone for the wedding day and add to the joy of the occasion. It is important to note that you will be working with your wedding photographer in most cases for longer than a year (if you take into account the engagement, as well as post wedding sessions and albums). 


2. Wedding Albums

Do not make the mistake of foregoing the option for a wedding album. While digital files are important, they are transient, and there is a risk of losing them down the line. A wedding album will be your first tangible family heirloom, one that will be enjoyed for generations to come. It is important to make sure that your chosen photographer offers you a premium selection of wedding albums. Questions you should ask include 1) How many pages are there in the album 2) How many images will there be in the album? 3) What cover options are available? 


3. Wedding Contract

Make sure there is a signed wedding contract between you and your Durban wedding photographer. This contract should clearly delineate expectations and requirements from both sides. If this is not offered or poorly drafted, warning bells should ring!


4. Price

While price will invariably be a factor, it should not be the primary one. Besides your intangible memories, your wedding images will be the only thing you have to remember your special day. There is no substitute for high end photography.


5. Coverage

Your Durban wedding photographer should be there to document all the important moments of your day. This should typically be between 8-10 hours of coverage. Make sure you know exactly how much coverage you are getting as sometimes photographers may have lower prices, but coverage is limited to say 4 hours. The additional time they spend on the day will become hidden costs.


6. Flexibility

Even though your wedding photographer is the story teller of the day, you as the client should have some input as to which pictures go into your album, and you should give the final go-ahead for the album design (After all, it will be sitting on your coffee table for generations to come). 


7. Timelines

Always make sure you know how long it will take before you can select the photos for the album, and then how long until you receive your album. This process should not take longer than 8 weeks (depending on how long you take to choose your album photographs).


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